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Today's real estate environment requires more insight, knowledge and experience than ever before. Unfortunately the industry continues to persue a business model like it is 1978 all over again. I attribute this to the publicly traded mega real estate franchises. They are more focused on their ever-increasing profit needs and developing creative ways to "share" their commission splits to attract new agents to their franchise. They essentially are in the personnel business, spending a majority of their time and funds on attracting more and more agents. They do this because the industry average lifespan of 80% of new agents is less than 2 years before they fail and quit. It's a shame they don't invest all this time, money and energy on ways to help their clients accomplish their goals.

Independent Broker -vs- Franchise Broker

"As an independent Broker, I will assist you in accomplishing your goals.  I will fill this client service void with knowledgable, experienced, entrepreneurial fever. In Texas there is a big difference between a Broker and an agent. An agent, by law, must be licensed under a supervising licensed Broker. A few of the requirements to become licensed as a Texas Broker include: years and years of experience as an agent, hundreds of hours of educational requirements, documented transaction requirements,  non-stop continuing education requirements and passing a comprehensive Broker licensing exam. In Texas, only 8% of state licenses are Brokers. The majority licensees are agents working under an experienved Broker. Know the difference. Where you make your money is by hiring  an experienced independent Broker. Your transaction is too important to leave up to just an agent." - Dale R. Pearson, MBA - Texas Broker

Strategic services based on your objectives.

The national real estate market is experiencing an upswing, however here in South Texas -- business has been steady and robust. Population numbers continue to grow along with new jobs and businesses.  When it is time to buy or sell, NWSA Realty will assist you with proven analysis and results.


Regardless of the industrial space a company needs, NWSA has the Industrial knowledge and experience necessary to assist in your site identification, purchase, sale or lease. Industrial space users also rely on us for consultation on dock height, clearance, power, utilities and zoning requirements.

Representing buyers and sellers of investment properties requires keen knowledge of local market, financing and capital markets. Our powerful market insight combined with a proven set of negotiating skills, is critical to your success. We keep our thumb on the market pulse, trends, CAP rates, and opportunities. Our network of qualified investors includes corporations, institutional investors, entrepreneurs, and wealthy individuals throughout Texas and the world. Our mission is to provide you with maximum return on your investment.

Land transactions in Texas has and continues to generate more wealth than all of it’s oil and gas. Because of our exceptional understanding of the complex factors that influence land brokerage transactions and our experience throughout south Texas, you’ll have the confidence to know it will be done right.

Every year we are involved in millions of dollars of residential prime real estate transactions. Most of these are in the finest areas and communities in south Texas. All of our transactions are 100% confidential and we guarantee a smooth transition.

For our retail user and developer clients we offer rock-solid marketing and insight regarding your 1031 investment, leasing or tenant representation. We’ll provide you with the space, returns and value you need.

Whether investing in or selling income properties, you really should talk with us first. Our research and financial analysis of your mission will provide you with the right information to make sound business decisions. Our experience includes apartments, student housing, residential income development, and condos.